About Us

In 2009 the two leaders in architectural masonry products, Belden Brick Sales and Service and Tri-State Brick and Stone merged to form Belden Tri-State Building Materials. Together we would form the new standard in masonry products by combining the highest quality manufacturers of clay brick, thin brick and thin brick systems, brick pavers, glazed brick and structural facing tile. As our staff and reach grew we would be called upon by the architectural, development and masonry community to provide more. We searched the United States and Canada to become the premier supplier of clay brick materials, and to match our wide range of brick products we would offer our customers the very best in architectural concrete products, colored mortar and cement, natural stone, cast stone and man-made stone, glass block, glass flooring, tile, epoxy floors and EaCo Chem industrial cleaning products.

With offices in New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Belden Tri-State Building Materials serves at the forefront of the world’s architectural community and we’ve continued to provide the highest quality masonry products with the most advanced sales, technical and service staff available. Whether you are a home builder whose project requires a brick and brick paver exterior and a natural stone veneer fireplace, or an architect specifying block, cast stone and epoxy flooring for a major commercial building, our staff is ready to assist you.

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