Face Brick

The oldest known use of brick as a building material dates back to 7500 BC when brick were hand molded from mud and sun dried. They have stood the test of time for thousands of years as the greatest structural component of a masonry wall and perhaps the most beautiful natural building material available.

Today, our brick manufacturers from across the United States and Canada utilize the most advanced technology that links old world style with 21st century manufacturing. Belden Tri-State Building Materials has thousands upon thousands of options for color and sizes, not to mention the endless possibilities for special shapes tailor-made for your project. Let our sales representatives show you how to use our clay brick products in unison with our many other building materials like natural stone, cast stone, or architectural block. Remember, brick is not just used as an exterior building product. Clay brick has been used effectively for retaining walls, interior walls and even as an entry piece with brick sculptures.

For LEED projects, discuss with your sales representative the many ways that clay brick can be used to boost your point tally. From regional materials to low VOC interior partitions to brick with recycled consumer and industrial materials, brick is as green as it gets. And remember, when building with brick you build for many lifetimes; it is one of mother earth’s most sustainable building products available.

To view our wide range of Face Brick products, please let us know where your project is located: