Epoxy and Chemical Flooring

AMERICAN Essentials is a brand of flooring celebrating American manufacturing prowess, the values we hold dear that have contributed to our greatness and “Green”. Products such as Life, Liberty, Pursuit & Happiness are the building blocks of a continually expanding product portfolio. The American Essentials collection is sourced in America and manufactured utilizing post consumer tires as a key raw material component. Our floors are used residentially in playrooms, laundries, screened patios, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms and even pool surrounds. Commercial applications include schools, hospitals, museums, fitness facilities, running tracks, retail/grocery stores, gymnasiums, aerobic studios and offices. In an economy with few tail winds, the fact we’re American made and “Green” keeps us sailing along!


A collection of timeless neutral colors that reside effortlessly in most any residential or commercial environment. Life is stocked in a 4mm thickness and standard in 48” wide rolls. This collection approximates the natural look of granite or chipped marble, yet softer to walk on, slip resistant (wet or dry) and a fraction of the cost. Designed for use in residential kitchens, halls, pool surrounds, museums, schools, assisted living facilities government offices and many other applications.

life flooring


Notable by it’s bright and playful color palette. Liberty has been fashioned to work nicely in areas occupied by children. The 4mm construction and 48” wide rolls lend itself beautifully to classrooms, nursery’s, public spaces and playrooms. Quiet to walk or play on, yet durable and slip resistant, Liberty is an outstanding choice for active youth areas.

liberty flooring


Adds beauty to the functionality of a 9mm fitness floor. Pursuit comes in both 48” rolls and 22” interlocking tiles. The enhanced beauty of Pursuit is created by using 35% color in conjunction with the SBR black as opposed to the merely 10% found in competing 9mm products. No other fitness floor combines the looks and durability found in Pursuit.

pursuit flooring


Combines the look of real wood with the durability and cleanability of sheet vinyl. Happiness offers the playability of floors more than twice the cost, while requiring only a fraction of the maintenance associated with wood aerobic or gym floors. Ideal for dance floors, elementary & middle school gymnasiums or recreational centers of all types, happiness with your purchase comes at no extra charge!

happiness flooring


Represents the ultimate in durability and environmental savvy when it comes to fitness floors. Our 9mm construction salvages one tire for every 10 square feet you purchase! Justice is standard in both 24” square interlocking tiles and 48” wide rolls. The nine standard colors are tried and true and we are happy to create a combination of your choosing to personalize your project.

justice flooring


The combination of durability and cost effective make Opportunity a best seller. Consisting of 90% SBR rubber from post consumer tires, this 6mm environmentally responsible floor comes in both 24” interlocking tiles and 48” wide rolls. We will gladly package Opportunity in cartons containing 36 square feet each for the Do It Yourself consumer

op flooring

Glass Flooring

Our unique line of glass flooring products creates a one of a kind, light splashed design for any residential or commercial setting. IBP Glass Flooring systems lets the designer fill any space with a translucent or transparent, safe walkway in a variety of different glass and structural aluminum grid colors. Perfect for a dramatic entryway at restaurants, hotels or office buildings, our Structural Glass Flooring systems splash light to any work or leisure space and our colors will fit with any design motif. Don’t forget to customize your floors with logos, mascots or any other design statement.

Our glass flooring products are perfect for LEED natural sunlight requirements. Design your building with our floors and adorn your occupants with natural light throughout their work, learning, or leisure space.

glass flooring

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring is beautiful for any building setting: create a breathtaking lobby with granite, marble or limestone tile in hundreds of colors and dimensions. At home, design a timeless masterpiece with natural stone flooring in your kitchen and bathroom. The material is color fast, durable and offers so much flexibility in design and affordability. For the environmentalists, what better way to take advantage of one of Earth’s most abundant resources – untreated, low maintenance and VOC compliance make stone the natural choice.

natural stone flooring

Brick Tile

Seamlessly link your building exterior with natural clay brick floor tile. For a consistent design, ask your sales representative how you can match face brick, exterior brick pavers and interior floor tile to create a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors.

brick tile flooring