Landscape / Hardscape

Belden Tri-State Building Materials carries a full array of residential and commercial landscaping products from old world cobble stone to state of the art LEED certified permeable brick and concrete pavers. Create the perfect outdoor oasis with a natural stone or brick fireplace, dazzle your neighbors with durable, always beautiful brick pavers, or solidify your boundaries with our state of the art decorative concrete retaining wall systems.

For LEED projects, ask your sales representative about our Permeable Paver options that will help to recover rain and groundwater on your site. If you are looking for that LEED Platinum boost for Heat Island Effect ask which pavers meet the USGBC’s Solar Reflective Index standard.

Clay Brick Pavers

Clay Brick Pavers add a beautiful touch to any walkway, driveway or patio and their color and strength will always pass the test of time. Choose from hundreds of options and create your own patterns – the earth is your canvas.

clay brick pavers


Decorative Concrete Pavers and Retaining Walls

Our decorative concrete pavers and retaining walls are a beautiful and affordable landscaping material for any outdoor setting. Choose from dozens of colors and sizes to accommodate your building or home’s entryway, driveway, backyard or meeting area. Choose matching concrete pavers with your retaining wall or create a complimentary palette.

liberty flooring


Natural and Cast Stone Landscaping

Time travel back to ancient Greece and utilize natural stone pavers or wall elements and truly dazzle your friends and neighbors. For the creative minds, let us create custom landscaping options for you with our flexible cast stone products. Fireplaces, pool, stair and wall copings, or even outdoor benches can be made from beautiful natural stone and cast stone.

natural stone landscaping


Specialty Products

Put the finishing touches on your outdoor masterpiece by using clay brick wall coping, bullnose and pool coping. Pacific Clay offers the most beautiful, vibrant clay brick material for the small details that make a great landscape design become a feast for the eyes.

specialty products