Thin Brick & Stone Systems

Many of our manufacturers of clay brick, natural stone and man-made stone also offer their products in “thin” profiles. Thin brick and stone add versatility to any project and virtually any color or size is available in these thin applications. If your project requires a thin product profile or if you would like to measure the advantages of using a thin brick or stone, ask your sales representative what manufacturer is best suited to achieve your design goals.

thin systems


TABS Wall Systems

TABS Wall Systems is a revolutionary paneling system for thin brick, tile and stone. Many projects require the superior design qualities of a masonry cladding system but lack the budget, time, or superstructure allowance for cavity wall construction. TABS Wall Systems is the solution to that problem.

TABS is a highly versatile system that is perfect for any building interior or exterior product and is easily and quickly installed. The TABS system has shown advanced performance when compared to any other thin brick or stone metal paneling system which is why they offer a 25 year Manufacturer’s Warranty for not only the panel but for the screws, adhesive, wall cladding and mortar. Compare TABS to any other system out there and find superior results:

  • Deep texturizing increases moisture control. Used in unison with the TABS rain screen product and proper installation the wall is virtually unsusceptible to water penetration.
  • Various spacing and custom length tabbed supports allow you to use different heights or thicknesses for your favorite thin tile, brick or stone product.
  • A tabbed veneer mortar locking system can be used actively or passively and creates an unmatched bond for negative or positive wind pressure.
  • Greater corrosion resistance by utilizing a hot dipped galvanized G90 rated structural steel.
  • Thermo set coating guarantees a long wall life cycle.
tabs systems


The LATICRETE Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS)

The increase in popularity of adhered masonry veneer facades has left the industry absent of suitable installation materials and detailed specifications - LATICRETE® has the answer! Our proven technology will provide a permanent, high strength installation that is freeze thaw stable and protects from water intrusion.

Installation of masonry veneers is typically performed with on-site mortar mixes that are subject to large variations in quality and performance. Whether over concrete or masonry substrates, installations usually include metal lath and most often provide inadequate protection from the weather resulting in water intrusion and also delamination of the veneer.

The LATICRETE MVIS provides the solution by offering a comprehensive quality controlled installation system. Utilizing proven materials, LATICRETE MVIS products include a revolutionary waterproofing membrane, polymer fortified adhesive mortars that provide non-sag performance, a scratch and brown coat mortar, a masonry pointing mortar and a 100% silicone sealant.